GAECHE has set standards

for educational institutions & authorities for measuring the quality of higher education


Attainment of higher education in the gulf countries is on an increasing pace, which requires individuals to own accredited degrees. In this regard, GAECHE, offers excellent accreditation to individuals as well as educational institutes based on international standards. GAECHE, basically is an independent nonprofit organization working to improve higher education standards, predominantly. Accreditation, enhances the validity and authentication of the degrees, enabling individuals to get better opportunities to earn.

Moreover, accredited educational institutes possess a higher demand in the industry as it legitimates the validity of a university or college, serving their students with the best and recognized services. Most importantly, the team at GAECHE, clearly examine the learning material and facilities at the universities and colleges, based on which they associate themselves with excellent educational institutions. Adding more to GAECHE, they operate under Gulf Ministry of Higher Education, which makes them superior and competent as an accreditation body.

Precisely, GAECHE holds all the responsibility to endow the educational institutes in the Gulf region to get accredited, enhancing their standards and education criterion. GAECHE, ensures to improve the quality of education on regular basis, endowing individuals and universities with superiority in their work.

GAECHEā€™S Improvement Context for Education

  • Matching global and international educational standards
  • Evaluating educational quality standards on regular basis
  • Continuance of the rights of students in terms of attaining education
  • Assuring the maintenance of educational standards and quality on regular basis
  • Complying their educational streams with international level
  • Reviewing the quality standards constantly

Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters