We aim to build a strategic

Framework, be an excellent regulatory body to develop and sustain the international education standards.

GAECHE Academic Plan

The strategic plan devised by GCC Accreditation & Equivalency Council for Higher Education identifies how they will continue to improve and strengthen the focus on higher education. GAECHE aims to provide a high quality educational experience for students shaped by the outstanding standards of academic institutions, contributing towards the economic development of the region. This plan focuses on the establishment of quality framework and performance measurement of institutions across the region.

GAECHE Academic Goals for the Year 2016-17

GAECHE strategic plan focuses on achieving following key priorities:

  • To ensure that the educational institutes in the Gulf region meets acceptable levels of quality
  • The basic role of education is fulfilled in colleges and universities or students
  • To provide fund and aids on a limited scale for the schools to improve their standards
  • They aim to support and embrace new openings and opportunities in the educational industry
  • Promote highest levels of training and development for students along with their faculty members

Focus on Higher Education Standards

Quality is amongst the primary factors that needs to be maintained for any accreditation body, serving individuals or educational institutes. Likewise, GAECHE primarily lay emphasis on providing quality and delivering the best standards to their students as well as whole educational institutions. They design their accreditation activities, keeping in mind international standards and global educational standards. GAECHE, assures to facilitate their members with a supportive learning environment along with superior experiences.

Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters