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GAECHE Accreditation

Accreditation is significant to improve the education standard of any individual, along with an educational institute as a whole. GAECHE, is highly recognized in the educational industry as it ensures to deliver the best quality standards. More interestingly, it offer the services at individual as well as organizational level. They provide accreditation to potential educational institutes so that the schools are able to perform on international level, efficiently and effectively. The accreditation team of GAECHE, opens new diversions for the educational institutes to deliver their educational services with excellence and superior manner.

Regulatory Approach for Accreditation

GAECHE has defined a regulatory approach which covers following several features:

  • The power to recognized degree programs
  • The right to use university or college title
  • Receive funds for higher education development
  • Partnership with leading councils and bodies globally

The team of GAECHE, ensures to evaluate their enlisted educational institutes on regular basis in order to ensure that they are operating in accordance to the GAECHE standards and procedures. Through these steps, GAECHE makes certain to get associated with educational institutes for a longer period of time, followed by regular supervision and examination. This approach maintains the level of excellence and improvement, enabling educational institutes as well as individuals to excel in the industry, primarily.

Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters