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system to measure the higher education standards & quality in GCC

Educating the Next Generation: A Capsule View

The class of 2020 will be much bigger than any of the other classes that come before it across the GCC region. The demand for higher education will sharply increase by 2020. However, a number of factors might significantly raise the percentage of students seeking admission. These factors include:

A greater recognition of the importance of education would mean that a greater percentage of students would choose to enter higher education immediately. Older students might recognize the need for lifelong learning and continue further higher education, joining the cohort, adding to its size.

The Need for Standards

Standards are considered as the principles based on which certain work is to be completed authentically, well. Standards for any organization generates a sense of accountability within them to work accordingly. There is a severe need of standards so that the work can be delivered according to given structure and benchmark. Working as per established standards, organizations are able to succeed and justify their working commitment on a fair scale. Standards are always maintained to deliver maximum quality with excellence and superiority. Set standards, enable organizations to work, according to specific framework, creating more opportunities to increase the quality of work.

What do we mean by “Standards”?

Standards are mainly set to enhance quality and maintain excellence in the work. In this regard, the basic considerations are:

• Content Standards

Content standards include the syllabus and curriculum that will be provided to students for learning. Therefore, it has to be created with excellence as it would serve a number of students and institutes, based on which they would obtain additional learning and education.

• Assessment Standards

Assessment standards are highly essential to be maintained as it help the accreditation body to ensure if the student is capable of getting awarded with the accreditation or not. The assessment standards relate to the idea of examining students based on certain structure, in accordance to which they would be eligible to gain the accreditation.

• Performance Standards

The performance standards are maintained for the students in order to get aware of the criteria on the basis of which their performance will be evaluated. Moreover, this performance structure help students to gain a justified overview of theory performance outlook.

Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters